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Downtown Anchorage, shown above, crime data from the FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2018. AK traffic updates report the condition of motorways and roads with interactive maps, including road closures, traffic delays, speed limits and other information. FBI crime reports in uniform for all 2018, as derived from CrimeData's Anchorage (AK).

If you are looking for the best time to visit Anchorage for warm weather activities, the hottest months are July and August, then June. Anchorage has very wet months, but if dry weather is what you're looking for, March, February and April are the driest. According to our tourist results, a very warm time to visit Anchorage is in late June or early August.

In Anchorage, winter is long, below freezing, snowy and partly cloudy, and summer is cool and mostly cloudy. The sky is cloudy in the summer months, except for the first days of July and August when it is warm and sunny.

Alaska can have exceptionally extreme weather conditions and it is very important to know what to expect if you plan to move to Alaska. While snow will continue to fall in southern and southeastern Alaska, the weak winds will allow the high winds warning to be lifted for the day. Call 907 - 653 - 8000 to find out about our local Alaska store, which includes Alaska-made products. All of our best-selling brands are locally manufactured here in Anchorage, AK.

We are proud to be one of the largest Alaska gift shops - gift shops only in the state, including discounts up to 80% online only. Although some items are definitely "Alaska" and are not necessarily made by Alaska Natives, In our gift shop you will find souvenirs in all price ranges bearing the symbol "Made in Alaska." All products in our Made in Alaska program must meet 51% of Alaska production in order to use the Made in Anchorage Alaska logo.

The Fish Creek Company offers a unique shopping experience with a wide selection of Alaska products. We have fantastic art from Alaska, but we must not overlook the beautiful Alaska Natives and their works of art. Our true Alaska gift baskets are filled with products from the Al Alaska Native and Made in Alaska region and are the perfect addition to the southeastern Alaska experience.

Golden North Van Lines is a moving company in Alaska that you can rely on for everything you need. With over 30 years of experience in the Alaska transportation industry, we have always acted responsibly to make the best choice for your move to Anchorage.

Downtown Anchorage is the perfect place to eat fresh seafood in hip restaurants, explore local museums such as the Anchorage Museum and enjoy the Anchorage Market Festival. Online shop for services and products in Anchorage, Alaska and other Alaska cities online. We will be located in the heart of downtown Anchorage at the intersection of Main Street and Main Avenue.

This region of Alaska is much drier than the Panhandle, and August is one of the wetter months, but it still sees less than 3 inches on average for the entire month. The city can dress quite warm in the summer months with temperatures reaching into the 90s. Fairbanks is geographically right in the center of Alaska's wilderness, so it's a great place to hike and camp.

Visitors to southeastern Alaska have only one way to get a close-up look at the ice, the Mendenhall Glacier. The weather in Anchorage is far too cold at this time of year to be pleasant for warm weather travelers.

In the far north of the state, Alaska has an arctic climate that leads to extreme weather events such as ice storms, blizzards and extreme heat. The Bering Sea, which is far east of Russia and Alaska, has the highest temperatures in the US and the lowest sea level. It is this wilderness, the "last frontier," that draws people to this exciting and adventurous place, as temperature and weather in Alaska vary dramatically, making life in it unpredictable and often difficult. Almost every storm reaches enormous strength, explodes, moves from the north to the south, east, west, north - east and south - west at high speed.

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