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If you are on vacation in Alaska, there is a good chance that your days will be full of fun and adventure. Anchorage can be a great place to spend a few days before and after the cruise, but if you have the chance to venture outside of Anchorage, you can spend the evening on an ATV tour or dinner cruise and catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis. Take a look at some of our favorite photos from Alaska's nightlife from our recent trip to Anchorage.

While typical night activities are found almost everywhere, Alaska does not offer ordinary night adventures. Escape is one of the few places where you can let off steam for an entertaining evening full of intrigue and secrets. Anchorage also has evening tours and attractions that are great for the whole family. ATV tours are a great way to venture outside of Anchorage into the wilderness of the northern slopes of Alaska and the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.

This is the place to sit back with a beer or a simple drink and unintentionally hear some real Alaska stories from the locals.

For lunch, try Glacier Brewhouse, a popular establishment that serves a variety of local beers, such as Bering Lake IPA, and some local favorites. Humpy's is a classic downtown Anchorage bar, with sister bars in Kona, Hawaii. This Anchorage hotel offers live music on Thursdays and Saturdays and is just a short walk from the main shopping street of downtown Anchorage. The city centre is within walking distance, although it is only an easy drive away.

For an added thrill, you can try an evening ghost tour of Anchorage or visit an Alaska escape room, then get ready for the game. Meeting a cougar in Anchorage is not that difficult, but you need a few cougars in Anchorage to love them. Parks and museums are some of the best places to meet ungulates (and mature ladies) in Alaska today.

The downtown area is also the best area to attract business travelers and younger travelers who want to explore the city's nightlife. Check out our list of the best Anchorage hotels and the Anchorage hotel guide for more information.

It is also worth remembering that these bars do not serve food and the nightlife is mostly casual and relaxed. Of course there are also many great places to hang out and drink beer, but without an active and impressive nightlife you won't have the same fun you would have if you had it.

The best place to start the pub tour is G Street and Sixth Avenue, where you'll find Humpy's and Great Alaskan Alehouse bars. Elsewhere in the city, you'll find a few other great bars like King's Anchorage Brewing Co., named after the King of Anchorage Brewing Co., and a number of other local breweries.

It is important to book a hotel that is close enough to the bars and restaurants to increase your chances of getting a foothold in Anchorage and settling there. Visit a nice theater, bar or club, find live music, dance through the night and venture out to Anchorage!

Alaska accommodations and suites are where you need to stay in Anchorage, so keep searching and book! Let's get started and forget about your travel plans for a great adventure in Alaska!

If you're heading to Alaska to see the beautiful scenery and wildlife, but also to visit Fairbanks, Anchorage offers an interesting and unique nightlife as an added bonus that you don't want to miss. We will spend a few nights in Anchorage (we were also in Fairbanks) and while we enjoy both types of activities, you will find a lot of things to keep you busy in the evening and night. Nightlife in Alaska is equally lively and lively As in other parts of the state, especially in the city of Anchorage.

For those who crave an outdoor lifestyle, Anchorage is perfect for you - outdoor activities you can do in Anchorage include, but are not limited to, skiing, hiking, salmon fishing and kayaking.

Aurora Chasers offers a highly recommended four-hour tour to see the Northern Lights begin in Fairbanks. They also offer excursions and tours to the Northern Lights Sea, as well as a full-day trip to the North Pole with spectacular views.

For a fun and entertaining evening, there's nothing like Mr. Whitekeys in town, but if you're looking for a picturesque riverside area, stay in Anchorage. The Alaska Ghost Tour starts at 7: 30 p.m. and takes you on a hike, while the Escape Room is an interactive and fun experience for all ages. For the original Anchorage experience, head to the inviting Flying Boulevard gay club on the second floor of the Anchorage Convention Center. It's a great place to fly down the boulevard and stay late into the night with friends and family.

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