Anchorage Alaska Embassy Suites Hotel

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The Anchor Alaska Embassy Suites Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska, is one of the best hotels in the state, just a short drive from downtown Des Moines.

If you are unable to make an appointment through our website, you can contact the Seattle consulate by e-mail or consulate in a neighboring city or state. If the local consulate in Chicago does not assist you with entry / visa matters, please contact our embassy in Washington, DC. Chicago citizens planning to visit a foreign country should contact their local consulate if they wish to obtain a visa for their home country and obtain information on entry and visa matters. If you are in the United States and have been in the consulates of your home countries that are present in Houston, contact your local embassy.

Visit the consulate's website,, and on this page you will find information on entry and visa matters for the U.S. Consulate in San Francisco, California.

Your address, email and phone number include the address of the U.S. Consulate in Anchorage, Alaska, and the name of your Consulate in San Francisco, California. Your address and email phone numbers include, but are not limited to, your address at the Anchorage Embassy Suites Hotel, 801 E. Main St., Anchorage.

The Italian Consulate address is located at the U.S. Consulate in San Francisco, California, or at the Italian Embassy in Anchorage, Alaska. We ask all holders of diplomatic passports to contact the Italian Embassy or Consulates for specific instructions. If you have a notary or consular emergency, please send an e-mail to Embassy 12. Appointment or booking of the Italian Embassy to make an appointment to receive the form and requirements for visa application for Italy. For emergency consular assistance, follow these instructions or call (801) 888-884-5555 or (907) 988-884-5555.

If the amount of consular assistance required is greater than that provided by the Houston consulate, please contact the Embassy in Washington. Icelandic citizens can apply for or renew their passports, but our embassy cannot lend them Icelandic passports. If there is an emergency at the Albanian consulate in Houston, you can contact the consulate in your neighboring country or our embassies in Seattle, New York and Los Angeles.

The Danish Consulate General in Chicago is responsible for consular assistance in the Midwest. The Albanian Consulate General in Detroit supervises the Consulate General in New York City and the Consulate General in Los Angeles. If you need to behave in accordance with the requirements of our Consul General, you must contact the Consul General in Albania in New York directly. Canadian citizens living or travelling in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand are consulted by our embassy and consulates.

American citizens are supported by the Haitian Embassy in Washington DC if they need general or specific information about the Haitian economy, culture, sports, education, etc. We provide and operate a wide range of consular services in the United States to all Haitians and citizens of other countries.

The United States is the address where you can apply for a visa to Japan, and there is an address in Anchorage, Alaska, near the Anchorage International Airport, where you can apply for your visa to Switzerland. There is no address at the Anchorage Alaska embassy in Alaska or any other place in the United States where you can apply for a visa.

Consulates, by contrast, are smaller versions of embassies and are spread across the country. The consulate is located in a specific part of the United States, which is covered by the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFC) of the State Department.

Currently, 178 nations maintain diplomatic missions in the United States, with the capital Washington, D.C. embassies and high commissions can refer to any building that houses a consul and his staff, and an honorary consulate is generally an independent person who performs certain consular duties. The Italian Embassy in Riyadh is composed of the Consul General, the Office of Diplomacy and Consular Affairs of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Office of Ambassadors. The Italian Embassy has important tasks to carry out visa talks, to provide embassy certificates and to assist those in need in the immigration process. Please note that the Visa Office at the Consulate General will be working on the Visa Information System as of 15 May 2014.

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More About Anchorage