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Anchorage, Alaska, may be part of the last frontier, but that doesn't mean it's a

Here are some of the best things to do in Anchorage to have a fantastic time and save valuable travel dollars. re a first-time Alaska traveler or an experienced traveler, the following Anchorage attractions are sure to help you plan your fabulous itinerary. Hop on an Anchorage trolley, explore the Gray Line Alaska tour, or take a look at our full list of good things to do in and around Anchorage. If a visit to Anchorage is the highlight of your trip to Alaska, it's definitely worth a trip.

It is a kind of museum that offers exhibits of Alaska's natural history and culture and is located in the historic Old Federal Building. Visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, conveniently located south of Anchorage. Not only can you see the wild animals of Alaska that have been rescued and brought here, but there are also a variety of animal exhibitions and a number of educational programs for children and adults. There is a wide selection of outdoor activities such as kayaking, canoeing, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, kayaking and much more.

Downtown Anchorage hosts a fantastic Anchorage Market Festival every summer weekend, which is a big attraction for visitors. You'll see a lot of wildlife during your Alaska adventures, but if you want to get a close-up look, visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, conveniently located south of Anchorage. If you're a bird lover or just want to see some of the beautiful bird species and landscapes, this should be on your list of activities in Anchorage! As a big city like Anchorage, it is important to experience the natural attractions and sights that make Alaska so popular.

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is conveniently located just a few miles south of Anchorage and also has a very nice gift shop.

If you are camping in the Anchorage area, there are some fantastic day trips that can enrich your visit and give you a real taste of Alaska during your stay. The flattop offers spectacular views of Anchorage and the Alaska Range, even if you can't make it all the way to the top. Depending on the season you travel to Anchorage, Alaska, and your chosen tour, you can look forward to a treat. RVing in Alaska and it's cool Depending on when you travel to Alaska and the weather.

A highly recommended day trip is south along the Seward Highway to Portage Glacier to take the time for the one-hour Portages Glacier Cruise.

The Alaska Native Heritage Center offers a glimpse into the early inhabitants of the area, and the Alaska Zoo is a place to see animals you might not see in the wild. Another must-see is the Anchorage Earthquake Park, which is located near the site of the largest earthquake in 1964, which destroyed entire neighborhoods.

The world-class Museum of History and Arts is the largest museum in Alaska and one of the most visited attractions in Anchorage. The Anchorage Museum offers a glimpse into Alaska's culture and history, which has been greatly influenced by the size of our state's wilderness.

Anchorage technically stretches 1,955 square miles from Alaska's home village of Eklutna to Portage Glacier south of the city, but serves as the economic heart of Alaska. Nearly all of the state's residents live in Anchorage, except for a few small towns in the north and south. Conveniently located in downtown Anchorage is the oldest park in Alaska, Old Anchorage National Park.

Commercial flights to Anchorage are the most common way to reach Alaska, followed by flights from Fairbanks. In the summer, visitors can continue their Alaska adventure from Anchorage, taking a trip to the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, the North Pole and the Sounding of Alaska. Visitors also love to travel north to explore Alaska's most popular tourist attractions, such as Denali National Park and the nature reserve, or south of Anchorage to visit Portage Glacier on the Kenai Peninsula. The city includes most of the popular attractions in and around the city, from the Anchorage Museum of Natural History to Alaska State Park, as well as a number of other attractions.

If you can't cruise through Alaska for a week or more, but can make the trip to spend a few days in Anchorage or even a few weeks in Fairbanks, get off and get close to the incredible glaciers of Alaska. The area you drive through will offer you plenty of national heritage and you will get closer to some of the state's most popular tourist attractions, such as Denali National Park and the nature reserve, while traveling on the highway.

Anchorage is said to be the center of all activities in Alaska, and the city's main tourist attractions include the University of Alaska Fairbanks, the Alaska State Capitol, Denali National Park and many more. The Culture Pass includes a shuttle to all of these locations and includes access to Anchorage International Airport, Alaska's largest airport, as well as a number of other attractions. Compared to some Lower 48 cities, Anchorage offers many more amenities such as hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment. The main attractions of a city like Anchorage include the US Naval Air Station Anchorage, an Alaska Air National Guard base, a National Historic Landmark and a variety of museums.

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More About Anchorage